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Sustainable FashionLeadership Mastermind

Invite. Involve. Ignite. Impact.

10 Months of...

  • Building strong global relationships.

  • Removing sustainable fashion industry silos.

  • Problem solving using collective creative thinking and peer brainstorming.

Leave feeling...

prepared, confident, and educated. 

Beginning September 2021...

          The Sustainable Fashion Leadership Mastermind is a global program, designed to prepare you with the confidence and education to work and lead confidently. Expect to be challenged and empowered to become a strong sustainable leader for your business through exposure to a diverse group of individuals looking to make change happen. Receive open and thoughtful feedback in a confidential, supportive and safe environment. Whether within the group setting or one-on one, the lasting relationships developed will provide resources and ideas that further expand the sustainable fashion movement and your business.

Your group is comprised of 6-8 individuals from a diverse size and range of business, nonprofit and industry backgrounds. Through the monthly meetings, you'll have challenging discussions, be inspired, supported, and introduced to a variety of sustainable fashion topics. You can count on exposure to innovated approaches and absolutely honest and direct feedback on challenges you are facing. 

          This Mastermind has been created for you if you are, self motivated, passionate about driving radical change, and open to growing and connecting with others. 


  • 10 monthly meetings are held on the first Friday of every month, with the exception of May and December. 

  • Individual one-on-one coaching outside of the mastermind meetings is available to each participant throughout the program. 

  • Cost - $2,222/person billed monthly or in advance. All costs for videos, coaching, resources, speakers and tools are included. Please reach out if you have questions regarding cost.

  • Mastermind sessions are facilitated by Stella Abril. Stella is an established sustainable fashion thought leader, entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host, nonprofit leader, and certified project manager.


"I expanded my knowledge base so much. I am so thankful for being accepted to this and for getting to watch the recordings later. "


Meet Stella Abril...

Stella Abril is a Latina inspirational motivator, eco-preneur and blogger. Stella is an established thought leader, eco-preneur, sustainable fashion coach and advisor, podcast host, and non profit leader. Stella gently empowers peopleto choose their impact and make conscious choices. She brings people, resources and ideas together in unique and strategic ways to create impact and change. 

She leads monthly Sustainable Fashion Leadership Mastermind cohort's encouraging participants' growth in the sustainable fashion space. Stella is fiercely passionate about inviting, involving, igniting and impacting leaders around the world. 

She became fully committed to sustainable fashion with the firm belief that each of us has the power to make a change. As a Remake Ambassador, she is dedicated to sharing knowledge and resources and using her voice to educate and create awareness. 

Stella has served her Arizona community in leadership roles throughout her career. Organizations included the National Society of Hispanic MBA's, Prospanica, Girls in Tech Phoenix, SheLEADS, Arizona Sustainable Apparel Association, Good Human, Remake, and Fashion Revolution. She is a committed lifelong change revolutionary. 

She is a phenomenal mother of 3 amazing little women that happen to be the driving force and reason for her to continue pushing for change. She continuously reinforces love and acceptance while serving as the backbone to her family unit and community. Stella is humble and passionateand always looking for ways to give more of herself to build those around her and make an impact. 

“I wear my values by setting an example for my children and those around me with each choice I make and empowering others with information to make conscious choices now and in the future.” 

"If your soul is on fire to serve in a way that scares you to death. And you don't feel worthy, ready, able. And the burning will not leave you alone. Congratulations. You have your calling..."

-Jaiya John

Apply Here

I understand that this group meets once a month, the 1st Friday of every month for 10 months and my and other’s success depends upon my participation. I will do my best to attend every session. 

Thanks for submitting!

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