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Here I Am



Building a business grounded in consciousness.

Sustainable Business Consultant.

Transforming and building businesses to prioritize people and planet.

Sustainable Fashion Activist.

Imperfect, but not disqualified. A sustainable revolutionary.

Podcast Host.

Learning to unlearn everything. Shifting energy and mindsets. Sharing passion.


Sharing my testimony of my wandering and my returning.


Soul Seeker.

Allowing my soul to decide my faith. Living in my truth. 


Change Maker.

Pouring from my soul fire and lighting the way for change.


Gangsta Wife.

Two currents, same river. Leading each other to life.


Mum of 3 Warrior Women.

A safe, empowering and healthy mother.


Heart Healer.

Seeing others. Feeling others. Having faith in others. Healing others.


Hope Dealer.

Putting positivity, love and hope in. Taking positivity, love and hope out. 


Love Thug.

Bringing loves fire wherever I go. Loving the pain away one experience at a time. 


Self Development and Healing Junkie.

Shedding my ego and bathing in what renews me. 

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Who We Support

Garment Worker Protection Act

Fashion Revolution


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