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Change... Is Now 

Stella Abril is turning the “what if” into “what is, "with sustainable business...
Your life begins when you take responsibility for your power and own the heck out of life.
It’s waking up and living in your purpose everyday! Even when you don’t “feel” like it.
A purpose driven business is not for the faint of heart.
Life can take you down…it can be exhausting! I can tell you that many days and seasons, I’ve done what I was called to do, sick, tired as hell, exhausted, and ready to give up.
People who do great things in life have to press through busy schedules, sleepless nights, and unexpected adversities.
They push through the gravity of everything trying to keep them back and hold them down.
It takes consistent showing up and pressing through.
You have to be willing to do the hard things. The small things. The seemingly meaningless things.
You don’t just wake up one day and boom, you're successful. No.
It takes hard work and sacrifice.
Your vision has to include your drive.
And your drive has to be solid as sh*^.
If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s this...
Success is not about achieving certain titles. It’s not even about always being motivated. It's a little about the bottom line and lot about who you're serving. It’s about showing up and allowing the universe to use you.

Change starts when you do...

This is where your sustainable fashion journey starts. Right here, right now. Join my cohost, Eartha Hubbell and I, every other month as we take a moment to bring awareness to your choices and learn to shift your mindset. No need to predetermine your every step. Sustainable choices look different for everyone. Allow us to share our voice and the voice of many others in the sustainable space to inspire and to encourage you.

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Change Is Now Podcast  Change Is Now Podcast Change Is Now Podcast Change Is Now Podcast Change Is Now Podcast

"Know Your Power. Grow Your Power. Sow Your Power."   

 -Jaiya John

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